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Carl Avidano


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Empathy and Accessibility are Central to My Work

I bring comprehensive experience in UX research, interaction design, and front-end development. These cross-functional skills empower me to lead projects from strategic vision to pixel-perfect execution. My approach is deeply rooted in empathy and accessibility, ensuring that each project is user-centered and inclusive.

My career journey has been richly informed by collaborations with mission-driven organizations, nonprofits, and municipal governments. These partnerships have reinforced my commitment to leveraging technology in ways that foster engagement and drive social change.

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Empathy and accessibility are not just principles in my work; they are the practices I live by in creating meaningful user experiences. They drive every project in my portfolio and every strategy I develop.

If you're seeking a UX strategist dedicated to making a genuine difference through design, connect with me. Let's discuss how we can collaborate to turn empathy into action!

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