NYC OTI • Carl Avidano • UX Specialist
  • UX Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-End Development


NYC's Office of Technology and Innovation creates a more effective New York City

The New York City Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI), formerly known as DoITT, plays a critical role in integrating technology into government operations and public service delivery.

As a Senior UX Designer at NYC OTI, I led the user experience strategy for various digital projects. My tenure at NYC OTI was marked by significant roles and responsibilities in these key areas:

  • UX strategy and interaction design
  • Front-end development (including React)
  • Accessibility and inclusivity
  • Management and mentorship

Materials for the Arts logo

MFTA is a NYC Department of Cultural Affairs program

Materials for the Arts

Materials for the Arts (MFTA), located in Queens, is NYC's primary creative reuse center. It champions arts and education through the sustainable reuse of materials, provided at no cost to arts nonprofits, public schools, and city agencies in all five boroughs.

City Website and Donation Management Portal

Tasked with revitalizing MFTA's digital presence, I led the development of a city-branded public website and bespoke donation management portal for MFTA staff and participants. The goal was to elevate the organization's online visibility and streamline its donation processes.

MFTA website and donation portal layouts

Rejuvenating a previously stagnant project, I guided the UX strategy, design, and front-end development. Working closely with MFTA stakeholders, our focus was on their specific needs and workflows.

Under tight deadlines, we adopted an iterative development approach, which enabled us to efficiently progress without relying on the production of static mock-ups or wireframes.

Launched in 2019, the website and portal transformed MFTA's digital engagement, while improving the donation process for MFTA staff and warehouse volunteers.

Notify NYC logo

Notify NYC

Notify NYC, operated by the New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM), is the city's official program for emergency communications. Launched in 2007, it's an essential service providing critical information to residents and visitors.

Public-Facing Website and Admin Portal

The Notify NYC initiative started with developing a public-facing website to enable residents to easily sign up for and manage emergency alerts.

Notify NYC public interface

After redesigning the public website, we focused on an admin portal, which is not showcased here due to privacy considerations. This phase focused on improving the efficiency of NYCEM staff in managing and publishing emergency alerts, streamlining emergency communication.

Order Vital Records interface screens


The NYC Department of Records and Information Services (DoRIS) is a guardian of the city's historical and contemporary governmental records. Their extensive collection is a vital resource for researchers, historians, and the general public.

Order Vital Records

For the Order Vital Records initiative, I played a key role in designing and developing a conditional-based form for New Yorkers to request vital records online. Eager to expand my technical skills and help the project finish on time, I volunteered to assist with the React development alongside another developer. This sparked my interest in learning and understanding React, a skill I continue to develop and use regularly.

Vital records ordering system interface

The project's focus was on user experience and accessibility, not visual design. Developing a universally accessible form with complex conditional logic was a significant challenge. My involvement in this project emphasized my commitment to creating intuitive, inclusive digital solutions for all users.

Looking Back

Reflecting on my time at NYC OTI, I am grateful for the diverse challenges and opportunities that shaped my approach to digital accessibility and service design. These experiences have proved invaluable, and I will carry with me the invaluable experience gained from serving one of the world's most dynamic cities.