UNICEF • Carl Avidano • UX Specialist
  • UX Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-End Development


Used in over 80 countries, the Funding Marketplace improved the quality of donor income

The Funding Marketplace project began as an independent contract in 2011. It grew into a multi-year, phased assignment, demonstrating my ability to manage long-term projects with evolving requirements.

During this tenure, my primary responsibilities included:

  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • High-fidelity visual design
  • Client presentations
  • Front-end development
  • Branding and supporting collateral

Designing a Prescriptive CMS

Working closely with UNICEF's tech lead, programme manager, and staff, I took on the role of the sole interaction designer for the Funding Marketplace. We were tasked with creating a custom CMS that streamlined the management and presentation of critical data.

Depiction of UNICEF Funding Marketplace application

This system was designed to handle donor-facing financial information, budget reports, and Human Interest Materials efficiently. It played a vital role in making these processes more transparent and accessible, enhancing the overall quaility of UNICEF'S donor incom.

Wireframes and User Flows

Throughout various stages of the Funding Marketplace project, I developed wireframes and detailed functionality flows using Balsamiq Mockups. These visuals served as a blueprint for both the initial development and subsequent updates, ensuring that each enhancement was thoughtfully integrated into the existing system.

Depiction of UNICEF Funding Marketplace application

Features at a Glance

The Funding Marketplace empowers UNICEF Country Offices to share critical information to donors. The desktop application makes this information available via Donor Toolkits. Toolkits present a wealth of complex funding information without overwhelming the interface.

Funding Marketplace Toolkit map screen
Funding Marketplace Toolkit sections screen

Country Offices collect and share Human Interest Materials including stories, photos, and videos.

Funding Marketplace Toolkit photo upload screen

UNICEF donors can pledge directly from the Toolkits.

Funding Marketplace Toolkit sections screen

The dashboard area allows UNICEF staff to manage Donor Toolkit content. Country Offices and donors can communicate with one another.

Funding Marketplace dashboard screen

Administrators assign Toolkit documents through the dashboard, with each document's ownership and status available at a glance.

Funding Marketplace 2-pager screen

Front-End Development

I developed the front-end code (HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP). Interestingly, the platform needed to be compatible with an outdated version of Internet Explorer, which was the standard browser for the UN at the time. Throughout the project, I collaborated with QuarkXPress, based in Dublin, Ireland, who developed the back end of the application.

Logomark and Supporting Collateral

I designed a logomark for PFP Programme Services, the division responsible for the Donor Toolkit initiative. Additionally, I was in charge of creating supporting collateral, which included presentation materials and organizational charts.

UNICEF Programme Services logo

The Funding Marketplace project was a key factor in starting my company, Avidano Digital. The experience gained from this endeavor inspired me to support other mission-driven organizations and nonprofits, furthering my commitment to meaningful work in the digital space.