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CCF is dedicated to saving cheetahs in the wild

Through Avidano Digital, I led the redesign of

I built the website with WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Website managers update and create content in a consistent way across the site. They select from a toolkit of layout components like full-width banners, galleries, figures, and video.

Logo refresh

CCF wished for a new logo to replace its outdated, photo-based logo. It was not scalable and did not work as a single color.

Because their logo was so recognizable, a complete redesign was not an option. Instead, I drew a simple vector version of the running cheetah. I also adjusted the type to make the logo feel more contemporary.

Old CCF logo

Old CCF logo

New CCF logo

New CCF logo

Website look and feel

Working with CCF staff, we restructured the content across to make information easy to find with intuitive navigation in the header and footer. The homepage offers a hierarchy of featured content, up-to-date news, and videos. The new layouts present information in a journalistic style.

Large image banners hold the reader's interest within CCF's content-rich About pages.

Mobile optimized

Across, content is optimized and readable on smaller viewports.

Depiction of the CCF website on mobile devices

CCF Kids

The website has an area just for kids! It encourages children and parents to get involved with CCF. To make it stand out on the website, I created a special logo.

CCF Kids logo

The logo for the Kids pages

In addition to the CCF Kids logo, I created an entire font called Cheetah Tracks using Fontself. I used the web font on headers within the Kids section. CCF also uses the font for email and print communications.

Example of Cheetah Tracks font

Example of Cheetah Tracks

Tess Sheehey created the illustrations for the Kids page.

CCF Kids website layout

The new launched in June of 2019. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with CCF to raise awareness on their efforts to save the cheetah from extinction.