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The DevSmart Group provides fundraising and donor relations support to UN agencies and NGOs

I worked with the DevSmart Group and UNICEF Afghanistan staff to develop programme briefs reporting UNICEF's progress in:

  • Polio
  • Health
  • Child Protection
  • WASH
  • Nutrition
  • Education

UNICEF Afghanistan Overview

Data visualization

UNICEF Afghanistan and DevSmart Group provided figures, charts, and graphs in Microsoft Word. I redesigned this data in vector format using Adobe Illustrator, then integrated them into the documents in Adobe InDesign. In doing so, we could ensure consistent fonts, colors, and spacing across all figures. Bold colors help the figures stand out, while their size and orientation allow them to fit within the flow of the text.

UNICEF Afghanistan Polio

UNICEF Afghanistan Health

UNICEF Afghanistan Child Protection

UNICEF Afghanistan WASH

UNICEF Afghanistan Nutrition

UNICEF Afghanistan Education