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Mr. Ellie Pooh


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Mr. Ellie Pooh's signature paper products conserve trees and create jobs for artisans in Sri Lanka

Through Avidano Digital, I led the redesign of Mr. Ellie Pooh's online storefront.

Modernizing with Shopify

My team and I decided to use Shopify for Mr. Ellie Pooh's website redesign. Its Liquid templating language has an easy learning curve, which sped up development time. On top of that, Shopify provides an easy-to-use inventory management system.

Their new website balanced a delightful shopping experience with important insight into Mr. Ellie Pooh's mission.

Mobile optimized

Mr. Ellie Pooh experienced a tenfold increase in sales after the launch of their new, mobile-friendly website.

Depiction of the Mr. Ellie Pooh website on mobile devices

Promoting Fair Trade

Mr. Ellie Pooh is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. That means they maintain a safe and healthy working environment for papermakers and artisans. My sister and I traveled to the paper factory near Kegalle, Sri Lanka. We met the people behind the products, and photographed the workers and the papermaking process.

The Papermakers and Artisans section establishes transparency. It helps inform shoppers about the positive impacts of purchasing fair trade products.

Depiction of the Papermakers and Artisans homepage feature

Product photography

My wife and I photographed hundreds of products for Mr. Ellie Pooh's website! The new product photography is consistent in style and accurately shows product colors.

Product category grid on the homepage

Product category grid on the homepage

Example of Mr. Ellie Pooh's product photos

Example of Mr. Ellie Pooh's product photos